Salt Shaker PRO hardens your WordPress security by allowing you to change WordPress salt keys manually or automatically. You may ask, do you really need to change the keys? Let us see what the big WordPress players say about that:

The basic concept is that by periodically changing your keys and salts, you make it even harder for a malicious actor to get their hands on your salts.

Additionally, changing your salts will automatically log out all logged-in users at your site and force them to log in again, which is another potential benefit. For example, if you accidentally logged in on a public computer and forgot to log out, this would let you force log out that account to make sure no one can get access.


When the WordPress security keys and salts are changed, all users will automatically be logged out. This is especially useful if you frequently log into your WordPress site on multiple devices or browsers since the risk of having your login details compromised is even higher.

Changing your WordPress salts and authentication keys regularly is also an effective way to eliminate hackers’ access to your site’s back-end. You have the option to lock them out by changing the salt keys and password.


When you log in to WordPress, you have the option to remain logged in long-term. To achieve this, WordPress stores your login data in cookies instead of in a PHP session. Malicious individuals can hijack your cookies through various means, leaving your website vulnerable. 

To make it harder for attackers to use cookie data, you can take advantage of SALT keys. WordPress SALT keys encrypt your password, making it harder to guess. What’s more, it’s next to impossible for hackers to simply ‘unscramble’ the result in order to get at the original password.


Salt Shaker PRO makes it a breeze to change your salt keys. It goes above and beyond to make sure that you never forget about them.

Auto Generation

Are WordPress salt keys missing? Fret not, as Salt Shaker PRO has got you covered. It ensures the presence of the keys and even generates them on your behalf.

Manual Updates

Salt Shaker PRO provides you with the capability to update your WordPress salt keys manually and also offers the option to receive timely reminders in case you overlook updating the salt keys for an extended period.

Scheduled Updates

Salt Shaker PRO offers you more than just the ability to schedule regular updates for your WordPress salt keys. You also have the freedom to choose the exact time of day, day of the week, and day of the month when the keys should be updated. On top of that, you can opt to receive email notifications once the update is complete.