Harden Your WordPress Security

Protect your WordPress site like a pro with the Salt Shaker PRO plugin!

Update your salt keys in a breeze, whether automatic or manual, to keep your site safe and sound.

Easy Dashboard

Salt Shaker PRO has a user-friendly dashboard that avoids admin menu clutter.


We focus on keeping things simple and efficient by using clean, valid, and lightweight code.


You can ask Salt Shaker PRO to remind you to update WordPress salt keys manually.


Support straight from the developers of the plugin. We’re a small team and we will help you.


Salt Shaker PRO can send you emails when the salt keys are changed automatically if you want.


Salt Shaker PRO will work with any theme and any plugin on your website.

What Salt Shaker Users Say..


We kept it simple! Get Salt Shaker PRO for as low as $9.99 annually.

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